setting employees' goals

A unified location to manage and keep track of OKRs. Users are given the ability to not only develop, administer, measure, and report on OKRs, but also to set goals and analyse data.


Employee Goal-setting With Mbo

Establish measurable goals and keep track of your progress toward them.

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unlimited objectives

Unlimited Objectives

You can keep track of your aims and ambitions with OKR software, which allows you to add as many targets as you like. Streamlines your efforts by letting you assign values to your tasks.

unlimited key results

Unlimited Key Results

Allow users to add an infinite number of key results to their OKR objectives. Users can benefit from keeping tabs on a variety of important metrics.

unlimited initiatives

Unlimited Initiatives

Key results can include any number of efforts that users wish to track. To help customers see how they're doing in achieving their aims and what they should be prioritising, allow tracking of progress towards goals.

What is MBO?

Management by objectives, often known as MBO, is a process that entails a manager and an employee coming to an agreement on particular performance goals and then developing a strategy to achieve those goals.

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