Objectives and Key Results

to set and track goals

Track and measure progress toward specific organizational goals. Set and track goals, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and measure and report progress with this tool.

Objectives and Key Results

Use Objectives and Key Results to Align Your Team

Assign objectives to anyone in the organization and provide them with expected key results for them to work productively. Gives companies a comprehensive understanding of their performance, empowering them to decide how to optimize and increase their success.

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plan your action

Plan Your Action

Prepare an outline of all objectives and plan your activities accordingly. Conveniently add expected key results and initiatives to keep personnel on track.

key initiatives

Key Initiatives

Let your team fulfill their objectives with initiatives that lead them in the right direction. Add as many initiatives as necessary to achieve goals faster.



Make necessary changes to each initiative to make sure the key results are achieved as planned. Ensure that the key results you plan fulfill the objective.

What is an Objectives and Key Results?

OKR software, PerformanceUp is the advanced objectives and key results management tool that help organizations create n number of objectives to meet organizational goals and ensure expected key results are achieved with an intuitive dashboard that helps with constant monitoring. Learn more about the OKR Software Tool.

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