OKR Templates

to create and track your OKRs

Software programs help you create and track your OKRs. This can be useful if you want to automate some of the process and have a more visual way to track your progress.

OKR Templates

Align the OKR Templates with the company's strategy.

Create OKRs that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, andtime-bound.

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strategic okr template

Strategic OKR template

This template was created for businesses that want to be more strategic with their OKRs. It has a section for each company's overall strategy, goals, and key results.

functional okr template

Functional OKR template

This template is intended for businesses that want to concentrate on a single function or department. It includes a section for the objectives and key results of each department.

project okr template

Project OKR template

This template is intended for businesses working on a specific project. It contains a section devoted to the project's objectives and key results.

What is OKR Templates ?

OKR Templates are tools that can help organisations define, track, and measure their progress toward specific goals. OKR Templates can be used to create both simple and complex OKRs, and they can be tailored to the specific needs of any organisation.

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