to align goals of the organization

Define organizational objectives and expected key results of an organization with OKR tool. Organize individual and enterprise goals on one platform effortlessly.


Assign and Measure Objectives Conveniently With OKR

Helps teams stay focused on what matters, breaks down complex goals into achievable steps, and keeps everyone aligned and motivated. Also provides visibility into progress across teams and departments, and identifies risks and opportunities quickly.

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unlimited projects

Unlimited Projects

Create unlimited number of projects to define objectives and draw key results. Assign projects to any number of assignees required to ensure the requirements are met.



Add or remove assignees, notes, or any other crucial information to manage projects effectively and ensure that the organizational goals are met conveniently.

intuitive dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard

Access your organization goal framework conveniently on single platform. Make necessary changes and monitor team progress with proper insights.

What is an OKR?

OKR, Objectives and Key Results, is an effective goal-setting and leadership tool that helps teams to communicate on platform and ensure that organizational goals are met collectively. The OKR tool by 500apps, PerformanceUp, helps companies create objectives and through initiatives help in drawing key results.

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