OKR Framework

to organize objectives and achieve results

Engage and align everyone at the company around measurable goals with a simple tool such as OKR framework.

OKR Framework

Leverage OKR Framework for Aligning Goals and Strategies

Structure and track your objectives and key results, set goals, and track progress towards them, helping to ensure that the team is working towards the same objectives.

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strategic framework

Strategic Framework

Add as many initiatives as required to achieve key results for defined goals. Track the progress of these initiatives conveniently with insightful analytics.



Edit and customize each initiative by adding or removing information such as assignees, notes, due dates and more.

simple interface

Simple Interface

Launch your OKR easily with a simple user interface. Keep your goal-setting and every information related to it organized in one place.

What is an OKR Framework?

An OKR framework is a system used to measure and track progress towards specific objectives. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a popular tool used in business to help align employees and teams with the company's strategy. The key benefits of using an OKR framework are that it can help improve communication and transparency within an organization, and it can help to create a culture of accountability. Additionally, OKRs can help to focus and motivate employees and can provide a way to measure progress and success.

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